PSU Help Center for Flood Affected People

Hat Yai district in Songkhla province experienced a severe flood for several days, which caused a widespread havoc, starting on November 1, 2010. This year's flood was more serious than in 2000, and was due to continuous rainfall since Oct 28, 2010. The level of water reached three meters in some areas, as high as the second floor of some houses. More than 80% of Hat Yai was flooded, affecting more than 30,000 households with more than 50,000 people locked in their homes. The city had no electricity and tap water, and both fixed lines and mobile phones were inoperable. Even the police themselves were helpless as Hat Yai police station was flooded to head height.

Considering the gravity of the situation for the people trapped inside their home with no electricity, water or food, Prince of Songkla University mobilized all forces to help them. Therefore, PSU organized seven food-cooking sites, located at the Student Activities Building, Early Childhood Development Center, Faculty of Nursing, Songklanagarind Hospital, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Natural Resources, and staff apartments building. After the cooking was done, the food was brought to the delivery point. Hundreds of volunteers: students, lecturers, and staff from PSU, participated in cooking and distributing supplies to flood victims. Consequently, PSU prepared more than 50,000 ready-to-eat food packages, 25,000 packages with canned and dry food, about 125,000 bottles of drinking water, as well as plenty of medicines and health products, which were delivered in Hat Yai and surrounding area. The transportation and distribution of the supplies were assured also with army’s help, which worked with PSU for reaching the flood victims by trucks, boats and helicopters.



Moreover, a Call Center was established and, in coordination with the PSU Radio Station, it helped to identify the people in need, and also to obtain various donations. Prince of Songkla University would like to express its gratitude to all peoples and private sector that made important donations in money, food, drinkable water, raw materials, medicines, as well as ready-to-be-distributed packages of food. A special thanks to all staff and students who dedicated themselves both physically and mentally to help the flood victims.



After several days of flood in Hat Yai city, the system built under His Majesty the King's project after the 2000 floods, particularly six large canals, played a big role in diverting the flood waters to Songkhla Lake.