Staff and Faculty English Class Retreat

The PSU International Affairs Office (IAO) organized a Staff and Faculty English Class Retreat at Haad Kaew Resort on September 11 and 12, 2009. This retreat marked one year of English classes organized by the IAO with an American teacher, Miss Krista Dawn Quesenberry. It was meant to bid farewell to her and to welcome the new American English teacher, Miss Kelli Lynne Hammes.




   The retreat was introduced by Associate Professor Dr. Chatchai Ratanachai, Vice President for Outreach and International Affairs. In his speech, Dr. Chatchai highlighted the importance that PSU gives to the development of the English skills of its staff and lecturers. He also thanked Miss Krista for her hard work and kindness in conducting English classes that improved her student's capacities to communicate in English. Dr. Chatchai welcomed Miss Kelli and invited everyone to pursue English classes under her coordination.

     Miss Krista Quesenberry encouraged everyone to continue improving their English skills and suggested several ways through a presentation. You have finished English Class. What's next was the title of her speech. Some of the ideas suggested were to take more classes, use the internet, read and watch news in English, write to pen-pals, and meet more foreigners.


     During the retreat, everybody had the chance to practice their English skills through diverse activities: working in small groups to answer questions, singing and speaking in English, as well as many animated games. As a conclusion, every group showed their English proficiency through presentations concerning the necessity of learning English in their academic fields

     On this occasion, the IAO wants to renew its invitation to all PSU staff and lecturers to send their applications for the next session of English classes.