Immigration Assistance at PSU

The Hat Yai Immigration Officers assist university’s international staff and students with a variety of immigration affairs, such as collecting documents for the 90-day rule, visa extensions, and re-entry visas, every last Wednesday of the month at PSU Hat Yai Campus. Their services facilitate the PSU international community to save precious time and thus better concentrate on their work and study at PSU. On June 26, July 31, and August 28, 2013, more than 80 international staff and students required assistance from the immigration officers.

The average score of the Immigration Assistance Satisfaction Survey shows that the foreign staff and students who came to seek assistance are very satisfied with the services provided. Heartfelt appreciations are conveyed to the Hat Yai City Immigration Office, who allows our foreign staff and students to take care of important documents in a relaxing setting, by offering their services in our campus.