PSU and Trier University jointly organize a Summer School on Sustainability

01 Trier U

The PSU Faculty of Environmental Management and Trier University, Germany, jointly organized the Summer School 2016 titled Garbage and Waste Water Management Sustainability, held from July 25-29 and August 1-5, 2016 at the PSU Faculty of Environmental Management. The objectives of this project were: to impart knowledge and experiences about environmental technologies and garbage and waste water management from professional teachers to participating students; and to create a network for cooperation to exchange academic and research knowledge between PSU and other foreign countries. Participants in this project had the chance to take the knowledge gained to apply it for their research and enhance their work efficiency, as well as to apply it for solving environmental problems in the community. They also had the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with other participants.


The Opening Ceremony of this summer school was held on 25 July 2016, and included an honorable lecture by Prof. Dr. Jean-Frank Wagner on the EU Garbage Management Law, and a lecture on “How important is the garbage screening on upstream locations?” by Dr. Pattarapond Pimolthai. Presenters also discussed with the participants on the importance and necessity of the education in this field. After attending the enjoyable activities for 10 days, participants gained valuable knowledge and received certificates of achievement.