Agro-Industry Student wins Prize at WPO WorldStar Student Awards 2016

     2    On January 10, 2017, Mr. Pruektipong Noorit, student of PSU Faculty of Agro-Industry, majoring in Packaging Technology, was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the World Packaging Organization (WPO) during WorldStar
Student Awards 2016 held in South Africa. Mr. Pruektipong is one of only five Thai award recipients.

          Mr. Pruektipong is currently working in Quality Control Packaging Design (QCPD), at Biolab Co., Ltd., Samutprakarn province, with Dr. Supachai Pisuchpen and Prof. Somporn Nilmanee, PSU Faculty of Agro-Industry, acting as advisors of packaging design.

           The advisors pointed out the global reach of this product design and packaging contest. Students from all over the world entered the contest for prizes. Earlier, Mr. Pruektipong won an award for barcode design on packaging from The Federation of Thai Industries (GS1 Thailand) in ThaiStar Packaging Awards 2015, in addition to winning the AsiaStar 2015 Award for Packaging Excellence, in Istanbul, Turkey.

          The award-winning packaging design has combined interesting concepts. Firstly, Thai Chaolay pants are recognized as a unique souvenir from Thailand. They make great traveler’s pants and are also comfortable pants for workouts. Secondly, Chinese people believe that Arowana fish is representative of unlimited wealth. Therefore, the design of the pant package mimics the Arowana characters as a sign of wealth and good luck.

          The Thai Chaolay pants package uses two colors – green and orange – at different tones, allowing the identity and colors to be the highlight of each package. Preference of font character can show two easy-to-read principal display panels (PDP) in Thai and English. The barcode was designed in the shape of pants, while still displaying the required 13 digits by GS1 standard. Essential information, such as pant size, company contact etc. are shown on information panels in the shape of two opposing fish.

          In addition to being a testament to the excellent quality of education at PSU’s Faculty of Agro-Industry, the award-winning students also demonstrated PSU’s commitment to excellence on a global level.